Real Women, Real Outcomes

Read the revealing testimonials of real women who have experienced the life-changing impact of Smith programs.

“The unique part of Smith is how they help turn each of us into a resource for the others through the emphasis on networking and coaching, and by bringing together women with similar backgrounds in science, engineering and technology. Bottom line: This program better equips the fabulous talent we already have inside us to excel as leaders as well as scientists.”

Jennifer Wilhelm Staudenmaier
Principal Software Engineer, IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.

“There are many words that describe Smith College Executive Education – collaborative, passionate, innovative, practical, creative – I don’t know where to stop! Also, Smith’s program is women only, which makes it unique from all the other leadership programs I have ever attended. Specialist to Strategist exceeded all of my expectations.”

Janine M. Earley
Senior Business Architect, Merck

“Inspirational! I wish every woman in our company could attend the Smith program.”

Barbara Packer
Staff Software Engineer, General Dynamics

“I had many “Aha!” moments, but the one that sticks out for me is that the perception I had of myself was not the perception others had of me. I realized I kept telling myself I was not good enough. Smith College helped me see that I am good enough, and I need to step up and take my seat at the table.”

Julie McMahon
Project Manager, Dell Computers

“The program had an immediate impact on my work by teaching me more about myself and the way I can lead and succeed. Here’s my promise to you: If you put yourself completely into this program, you will return to your work with a much greater understanding of what you can accomplish.”

Meghan Russ
Software Engineer, IBM

“I learned not to be afraid to ask for something I want. This has opened doors for me I thought were years out.”

Sarah McAndrew
IT Architect, IBM

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