4 Steps to Custom Results

Working side-by-side with you, together we will create a powerful leadership development program that will quickly build a pipeline of strong women executives and managers for your company.

Here are the 4 key steps in Smith’s Custom Program development process:

Step 1 | Interview Key Stakeholders
This is the critical “discovery” phase: It’s where you will uncover what your people really think, and what the real issues and opportunities are. This answers the big "why" and "what" questions up front. Why are you doing this and what do you hope to accomplish?

  • Identify and engage with internal champions, key stakeholders, potential participants
  • Surface critical development needs and desired outcomes
  • Understand your company's unique culture

Step 2 | Develop a Program Proposal
This starts to answer the “what” and “how” questions: What could your program look like, and how might it be rolled out?

  • Analyze information from Step 1 and define critical development needs and outcomes
  • Draft curriculum, objectives, outcomes, and outline budget
  • Propose timelines for design and rollout

Step 3 | Design a Program Blueprint
This is where your program blueprint is drafted: It’s where the details of the leadership training are laid out. A preliminary course or program design is created, based on the in-depth interview process.

  • Present initial curriculum and program design
  • Receive critical input from stakeholders
  • Review and modify prelimnary design

Once you approve the program design, we assemble a highly relevant faculty cohort who will best deliver on the identified learning objectives. This is where you experience the tremendous value of Smith’s flexibility to choose from a unconstrained pool of academics, industry experts, consultants, and thought leaders who can deliver on your specific needs.

Step 4 | Deliver and Evaluate Inaugural Program
This is what you have been building towards: the actual delivery of the program, as well as the opportunity for participants to provide in-program feedback.

  • Schedule inaugural program and support company recruitment and selection of candidates
  • Rollout inaugural program
  • Evaluate and modify program based on feedback

Ongoing evaluations and assessments are used to continuously refine and modify program design and content. This process is based on your evolving needs, or the need to meet new program goals.


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