Handpicked Thought Leaders

Handpicked. Diverse. Very Engaging.

Experts that Match Your Needs, Not Ours.
The best learning experience comes from not just the best experts, but the right experts.

Because Smith College Executive Education is a Women's Leadership Center and not a business school, we are not beholden to one set of faculty. We have the flexibility to handpick the best women's leadership and global business experts from universities, corporations and consultancies, assuring the best learning experience possible.

Below is a representative sample of our esteemed faculty:


Amy Herman
Amy E. Herman, JD, MA is the President of The Art of Perception, a highly participatory, proprietary training seminar that uses the analysis of art to teach professionals how to enhance their observation and communication skills. Originally designed in 2000 to help medical students improve their observation and communication skills with patients, the program was subsequently adapted for law enforcement professionals and leaders in the intelligence community, education, financial services, and philanthropy. Ms. Herman holds a BA in International Affairs from Lafayette College, a JD from the National Law Center, George Washington University, and an MA in Art History from Hunter College.

Brian Uzzi
Brian Uzzi is the Richard L. Thomas Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He is a globally recognized scientist, teacher and consultant on leadership, social networks, and new media. He co-directs NICO, the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems, is faculty director of the Kellogg Architectures of Collaboration Initiative. His award-winning and highly cited research examine the relationship between networks and outstanding human achievement in business, science and the arts. He has taught executives around the world, won twelve teaching awards, and has been on the faculties of Harvard University, INSEAD, University of Chicago and the University of California, Berkeley.

Carol Vallone Mitchell, PhD
Carol Vallone Mitchell, PhD, cofounded Talent Strategy Partners, a talent management consulting firm, in 2001. She has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies to identify and develop leaders who can build and nurture the right workplace culture and drive results. She received her doctorate in organizational behavior from the University of Pennsylvania, where she developed the Womens Leadership Blueprint a behavioral profile of success. She uses this expertise and her 20 years of leadership development experience as a go-to speaker for companies and professional associations. Her passion and success lie in helping women in all fields step up to lead and succeed.