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Read the revealing testimonials of real women who have experienced the life-changing impact of Smith programs.

“How refreshing to be around so many women leaders. We have a lot to learn from each other! The Directing Innovation program had an immediate impact on my work in that I was able to much better articulate my ideas for how to develop and execute our vision. It also reminded me to support emerging women, which has already helped me identify and develop new talent. Outside of work, the program energized me and inspired me personally to develop more relationships with women leaders in my field. The Smith program is unique from other leadership programs I have attended in that the faculty is stellar – so diverse, and all are outstanding in their fields of expertise, but also very approachable. To me, Smith College Executive Education is best described as strong, innovative and visionary. The Directing Innovation program was a unique experience that provided excellent leadership topics combined with outstanding faculty and a networking opportunity. This combination not only enhances my corporation’s goals for developing women, but also is a major energizing force for the attendees. At Smith I was empowered, energized and engaged.”

Casey Dusenbery
Director, Concept & Technology Development, Kimberly-Clark

“Great experience! The Smith program provided me with new perspectives for being a global leader, depth to solve problems, exposure to extraordinary professors and speakers and a framework on which to build my future as an executive leader.”

Northrop Grumman

“This was totally different. I very much appreciated being in the presence of talented and influential women. My experience at the program had an immediate impact on my work. From the strategy and innovation course, I was able to immediately understand the challenges currently facing our organization, to ensure we survive in this difficult environment, and to be able to make suggestions about how we can innovate what we do and how we do it. It also provided me with an understanding of how to move a company from 'now' into 'the future'. I now also have a much deeper understanding of cultural differences. Never assume you know where an individual is coming from. And always explore and discuss what is important to an individual and company in terms of values. Concerning my life outside of work, I brought a new sense of calm home with me that I had not been able to get in touch with for quite some time. At Smith I felt inspired, energized and exhilarated. I was part of a program that provided me the tools to have an immediate impact on the success of our company 20 years from now.”

Susan Horstkamp
Santa Clara Engineering & Site Manager, BAE Systems, U.S. Combat Systems

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