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Director: Naomi Miller 2017-2018
430d Thesis
8 credits

The English honors program is a full-year, 8-credit course; four credits may be counted as a semester course toward the English major. Most honors theses are analytical studies of literature in English. In exceptional cases, students may apply to write a collection of poems, short stories or nonfictional literary prose as an honors project.

During the senior year they will present a thesis, of which the first complete formal draft (2 copies) will be due on the first day of the second semester. After the readers of the thesis have provided students with their evaluations of this draft, the student will have time to revise her work in response to their suggestions. The final completed version of the thesis (2 copies) will be due a week after spring vacation, to be followed during April by the student's oral presentation and discussion of her work. Students in honors will normally be given priority in seminars.