ENG 296 Advanced Fiction Writing

Emily Barton, Th 1:00 PM-2:50 PM

In this workshop, more advanced fiction-writing students will pursue two chief aims: to become stronger, more sophisticated writers in ways that feel natural to them, and to broaden their horizons by pursuing experimentation in new styles and subjects. At the same time, students will continue to work on honing their observational and revision skills through attention to their own work and work of their peers. Course work will include emphasis on becoming a skillful and sophisticated critic, readings from diverse contemporary writers, and occasional ad hoc exercises.


Enrollment is by the instructor’s permission. Please submit a writing sample of no more than five pages of your fiction by August 15th to the English department assistant, Jennifer Roberts (jroberts@smith.edu.)


 Let the sample highlight what you feel is strongest about your fiction writing to date. Please also include a letter of application (somewhere between a paragraph and a page in length) explaining why you would like to enroll in this class at this time. Be specific: What challenges do you currently face as a writer? How will this class help you address them? What writers inspire you at present? What qualities and skills will you bring to the seminar table? If you like, you can also explain why you chose your writing sample, and what you hope it demonstrates about you as a writer and thinker. Prof. Barton posts more specific information about what she seeks in applications on her website. [http://emilybarton.com/mfa-advice/how-can-i-improve-my-chances-of-being-accepted-to-an-undergraduate-workshop/]