ENG 206 Intermediate Fiction Writing

David Maine, T 3:00 PM-4:50 PM

 This course is designed to expose students to a variety of storytelling styles and techniques. It will allow students to develop their own style while improving their critical response to the work of others, both fellow students and published authors. Any type of storytelling is welcome: prose fiction, comics, screenplays, narrative poems and so forth, as long as a.) the work is done in good faith, and b.) it is narrative in nature. In other words, write stories and be serious about it—even if the stories themselves are comic.

Students will be required to: submit three different stories per semester (6 pages minimum); lead one class discussion; respond in writing to the work of classmates; read roughly 25 pages of published work per week; respond in writing to the published work on a class blog; and participate in class discussion.


David Lodge, The Art of Fiction

Daniel Halpern, The Art of the Story

Admittance to the class is by instructor permission.


Please submit a 4-page sample (any genre) by August 15th.  Submissions should be directed to Jennifer Roberts, Administrative Assistant, Department of English, Pierce Hall 105—or, as email attachments, to jroberts@smith.edu.