ENG 206 Intermediate Fiction Writing-Section 2

Sue Miller, W 1:10 PM-3:00 PM

In this course we’ll focus on narrative choices in writing fiction. Student writers will offer their own fiction for discussion, and we’ll also regularly read published stories, with an eye to the different narrative strategies various writers have employed, and the impact these choices have on meaning. We’ll look at the arrangement of story elements, at the choice of verb tense, and at the point of view and tone employed. We’ll look at narrative that’s primarily implicit as well as stories that move more traditionally and sequentially through events.  

 Over the semester each student will be responsible three times for providing us with a piece of  his or her own fiction to discuss, either a complete short story or a substantial piece of a longer work. In addition, there will be short in-class exercises aimed at sharpening your sense of the narrative choices available to you. I’ll also ask for an informal paragraph of written response to each work you read, whether provided by another student or published, in hopes that this will help you shape a considered response to each work and provide a basis for your passionate in-class participation.

 If you’d like to take this course, please submit a sample of what you consider your finest writing, no more than five pages, by email to the English Department assistant, Jennifer Roberts, jroberts@smith.edu, or by mail to Pierce Hall 105. The deadline for submission is 4pm on Wednesday, January 15, 2014.