ENG 201 The English Literary Tradition II

Cornelia Pearsall, M W 1:10 PM-2:30 PM
Michael Thurston, T Th 9:00 AM-10:20 AM

Cornelia Pearsall section of ENG 201

In this course we study representative major authors from the Romantic, Victorian, and modern periods.  Among the issues we'll be curious about is literary form and its relation to content, genre, history; essentially, words and patterns of words, and the worlds they make.  We'll be curious too about the representations and operations of gender, class, and race -- among other contested categories -- in canonical literary works: what broader questions are at stake for characters, authors, readers?  And we'll also think about the formation and status of the English literary tradition itself.  Why has it been so important?  Is it still?

 Michael Thurston section of ENG 201

A study of the English literary tradition from the nineteenth century to modern times. Readings will include poetry, drama, and prose (including two novels) by Romantic, Victorian, modern, and postcolonial writers from Britain and Ireland. Discussion will focus on the dynamics of literary change, the relations among literary form and historic forces, the supplanting of religion as a locus or guarantor of meaning by literature, and the rise (and fall?) of authorship as a profession. Students will be expected to write two shorter papers and one longer paper, to make one presentation to the class, and to participate responsibly, perhaps even vigorously, in discussion. Enrollment limited to 20 per section.