ENG 119 Writing Roundtable: What's for Dinner? Writing about Food

Sara Eddy, T Th-9:00 AM-10:20 AM

Students hone their writing skills (defined broadly to include critical thinking, research and documentation, argument development, and mastery of written English) as they enhance their understanding of an issue of current import and consequence.  They read and write in a variety of genres (ranging from experience narratives to academic essays) and supplement their required reading with excursions to scholarly and cultural venues at Smith.

Topic for Spring 2014:  What's for Dinner? Writing about Food


M.F.K. Fisher once noted that good people would be even better “if they bent their spirits to the study of their own hungers.”  This course aims to do just that: study our hungers—our relationships with food.  Students will consider the American obsession with food in a range of different genres, delving into short fiction and essays, restaurant reviews, archival cookbooks, and Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma, and will write in a variety of genres ranging from academic essays to blog posts. Prerequisite: One WI course or permission of the instructor. Enrollment limited to 15.