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Picker engineering students are creative and committed to academic rigor. Their education encompasses: strong math, science and engineering knowledge and skills; continuous self-discovery; effective communication; critical thinking; socially responsible decision making; and global citizenship as engineers of a sustainable future.

Smith engineers hold the following core values:

Engineering is a connecting force among disciplines

In addition to learning essential engineering principles, Smith engineering students understand the social, political, economic and environmental impact of their work. An integrated curriculum of liberal arts, sciences and engineering courses provides the breadth and depth needed to think critically, act reflectively and make informed choices.

Sustainability is not optional; it is essential

In a world of finite natural resources, Smith engineers understand sustainability and employ its principles in the practice of their profession.

Talented women must help shape our world

Our economic strength requires the full inclusion of women engineers at all levels of the profession. For more than 130 years, Smith alumnae have made outstanding contributions to their professions and communities, and Smith is recognized as one of the top institutions whose graduates earn doctoral degrees in the sciences.

Faculty and students collaborate in all aspects of learning

Our faculty are at the forefront of innovative learner-centered engineering education. Students are actively engaged in small classes that promote intense discussions. Beyond the classroom, at informal dinners with liberal arts advisers, casual lunches with study teams and conversations in the halls or by email, Smith engineering students enjoy unusual access to faculty. As undergraduates, they have opportunities to participate in meaningful research, hold a wide variety of internships and often study abroad.

Every student needs to be literate in engineering, math, and science

As responsible citizens in today's society, all students must be technologically literate. The Picker program offers courses that include engineering majors and nonmajors; we all benefit from the inclusion of committed students with diverse skills and interests.