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Special Studies

EGR 400 Special Studies

Special studies is a self-designed course with faculty oversight. Upper-level students interested in registering for a special studies course should develop a proposal in consultation with a faculty member who has agreed to supervise the project.

Technical Depth Credit

Special studies requires formal approval to be substituted for course work as a student's technical depth credit. No more than 4 credits of special studies may count toward the technical depth requirement. It is important to obtain the approval for technical depth credits before the add/drop period of the semester.

To allow special studies to count toward technical depth credit, you must:

  1. Submit a departmental supplement form (see Forms) with a short description of the project. Identify on this form that you want technical depth credit for the course. This description must have the objectives for the special studies identified and mapped against two or three relevant ABET outcomes. To do this one would work with the faculty member sponsoring the special studies and identify the deliverables (evidence) for achieving these outcomes.
  2. Meet with your faculty adviser to discuss and document how your special studies work helps you achieve your educational objectives. In the documenting of this you will want to give your adviser some signed record regarding how your special studies enables you to meet your educational objective in a manner that cannot be achieved via the course work available to you.
  3. Obtain the approval of your adviser and the director of your special studies work, and submit these approvals on the Departmental Supplement form to the assistant director. The request will be taken to the faculty for approval at the earliest possible time in the semester.