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Netty Nina '07

Project Engineer, Energy and Resource Solutions

Netty Nina

I'm incredibly lucky to have ended up at Smith. During my senior year in high school, I applied to many colleges, just knowing that I wanted to study engineering. One of my classmates suggested I apply to Smith, and my teachers and counselor encouraged me to do so. I am so happy I did because I think Smith was the perfect place for me. The beautiful campus, tight-knit communities, the small classes, and the facility to connect with professors, are just some of the reasons it was an environment I was able to thrive in.

From shooting editing an instructional video in Professor Ellis's mechanics course; measuring the flow of the stream in Paradise Pond for Professor Guswa's fluids class; to lively discussions in Professor Riley's risk assessment seminar, there are so many fond memories from my time in the Picker Engineering Program.

Some of my favorite memories are from working with Professor Ellis during summers at Smith. We worked on an amazing project with the focus of teaching kids—girls in particular—about engineering. The project, Talk to Me, is a set of engineering activities extracted from events based on a novel. It was great because I was able to combine my love of engineering, education, and media. Also, seeing your own work published is very cool.

Also, one of the best things about attending Smith is the relationships you develop with people you work with! Some of my best friends today are from friendships forged during all-nighters, group projects, and summer research activities.

I currently work as a project engineer at an energy engineering consulting firm. We help people optimize energy usage in their facilities. We also work with utilities and state agencies in developing and implementing energy efficiency programs. The ability to work in teams, which is a large focus of the engineering program at Smith, has been a great asset to my skill set. Also, Smith and the Picker Engineering Program helped me develop a problem solving mindset. My job is very technical, and the ability to pick things up quickly and think differently, developed while navigating through different group projects and many problem sets, has been valuable in my journey as an engineer. While I didn't study energy engineering, the engineering education at Smith works well with broadness and interdisciplinary nature of my field. I am able to use the concepts I learned and apply them to the problems I face daily. Furthermore, since Smith is so diverse, I was able to strengthen my ability to work with people of different knowledge and backgrounds.

I also have the opportunity to work on training presentations for some of our clients. I can tell you that the experience from my summer research and presenting to our classmates has allowed me to excel on these types of assignments. And not to mention the PowerPoint presentation skills. I always get positive feedback about how great my slides look.