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Lucy Mule

Associate Professor

email Email office 303 Morgan Hall phone (413) 585–3263

Lucy MuleLucy Mule serves as the Faculty Co-Director of the Center for Community Collaboration, as well as director of the Community Engagement and Social Change Concentration at Smith College. She received her B.Ed. from Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya, and her Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University.

Mule’s research interests include community engagement, university-community partnerships, multicultural curriculum development, pre-service teacher education reform, and literacy education. She teaches courses in the sociological and cultural foundations of education.


Representative Publications

Mule, L. (2010) Teacher Education, Diversity, and Community Engagement in Liberal Arts Colleges. Lanham, Md.: Lexington Books.

Mule, L. (2009) “Can the Village Educate the Prospective Teacher? Reflections on Multicultural Service- Learning in African American Communities,” in African Americans & Community Engagement in Higher Education. State University of New York Press: New York.

Mule, L. (2007) “Feast or Famine for Female Education in Kenya? A Structural Approach to Gender Equity,” in The Agency and Structure of Women's Education. State University of New York Press:New York.

Mule, L. (2006) “Preservice Teachers' Inquiry in a Professional Development School Context: Implications for the Practicum,”Teaching and Teacher Education, vol.22 (2).

Mule, L. (2006) “A review of Black Ants and Buddhists: Thinking Critically and Teaching Differently in the Primary grades,” Teacher Education and Practice, vol. 19 (1).

Mule, L. (2005) “Experiencing a Learning Community: Lessons from Interns Learning to Teach in a Yearlong Professional Development School (PDS) Internship,”Teacher Education and Practice, vol. 18(3).

Mule, L. (2004) "Africa is not a Country": Reflections on the Teaching about Africa in Elementary Social Studies Classrooms,Electronic Magazine for Multicultural Education6(1).

Gilbert, M. and Mule, L (2001) “Models of Collaboration,” Pennsylvania Educational Leadership: The Journal of Pennsylvania Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, vol. 20 (2).

Mule, L (1999) “The Role of Indigenous Languages in the Curriculum: What happened to Kiswahili in Kenya?” in What is Indigenous Knowledge? Voices from the Academy. Garland: New York.