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Sam Intrator


email Email office 101 Morgan Hall phone (413) 585–3242

Sam IntratorSam M. Intrator is professor and chair of the Education and Child Study Program and a member of the Urban Studies Program. He is the founding director of the Smith College Urban Educational Initiative and the co-founder of Project Coach, an innovative Smith-staffed out-of-school program that serves children and teenagers in Springfield, Mass. Intrator teaches courses in urban educational policy and youth development, and he works with graduate and undergraduate students preparing to teach adolescents in both school and out-of-school placements.

Intrator came to Smith in 1999 after more than a decade of teaching and administrative service in public schools in Brooklyn, Vermont and California. Intrator believes that carefully designed programs (both in and out of school) that are led by engaged and committed adults working alongside youth can provide powerful opportunities for young people to acquire and develop personal, educational and social assets. To this end, his research and practice explores the question: under what conditions do educational programs—both in the classroom and during out-of-school programs—genuinely matter to youth? Since youth most often describe the importance of a caring, committed and devoted adult as the essential variable in meaningful learning, Intrator also pursues questions around what can be done to recruit, prepare and sustain high quality teachers and out-of-school staff within education.

Project Coach serves as a "lab" for much of Intrator's teaching and research. Working alongside students interested in urban education, youth development and teaching Intrator and his students use sports as a means to engage, connect and empower adolescents and youth living in Springfield. Teenagers are trained and employed as coaches for elementary aged children living in their communities. The major objective of the program is youth development and helping college students learn to teach and run these types of programs.

Intrator was awarded a W. K. Kellogg National Leadership Fellowship and while teaching high school English was named a Distinguished Teacher by the White Commission on Presidential Scholars. He authored and edited six books, including Tuned in and Fired Up: How Teaching Can Inspire Real Learning in the Classroom (Yale University Press), which was a finalist for the prestigious Grawemeyer Award in education, and Leading from Within: Poetry that Sustains the Courage to Lead (Jossey-Bass), which received the 2009 Nautilus Book Award Gold Medalist for Poetry.

Recent Publications

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Leading from Within: Poetry that Sustains the Courage to Lead  Living the Questions: Essays Celebrating the Life and Work of Parker J. Palmer

Tuned in and Fired Up: How Teaching Can Inspire Genuine Learning  Teaching with Fire: Poems than Honor and Sustain a Teacher's Heart  Stories of the Courage to Teach: Honoring the Teachers' Heart