Learning & Design


Design and develop an educational technology ecosystem that inspires and sustains a culture of collaboration, innovation, and meaningful scholarship.

ETS offers workshops, seminars, pedagogical consultations, and many other ways to connect and collaborate.

We can consult one-on-one or give department-specific presentations. We can also collaborate on assessing the impact of technology on teaching and learning.

We have access to a wide variety of resources that will help with the success of your technology-based projects.

We can:

  • help match technology with pedagogical goals
  • give ideas and feedback to help solidify an idea
  • identify research that gives information about the effectiveness of a technology
  • provide names of others at Smith and elsewhere doing similar things
  • develop an assessment plan to determine whether the technology is working
  • help develop a project plan


Yasmin Eisenhauer, Associate Director
Joe Bacal, Applications Administrator
Tammy Lockett, Online Instructional Designer
Mario Valdebenito, Instructional Technology Specialist


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