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Top 100 Economics Blogs of 2016

A broad and deep list, with both MSM and traditional bloggers like university professors and economists. This has resulted in a varied collection of economic thought and topics.

Introductory Economics

Reference Department in Neilson Library
Smith College's reference department in Neilson Library maintains a list of resources and reference tools of interest to economists.

Resources for Economists on the Internet
The oldest, most well-known, easy-to-use and probably most comprehensive site for economics data and economics information in general. It is maintained and updated regularly by Bill Goffe (Mississippi) and sponsored by the American Economic Association.

Internet Resources for Economists
A list of Internet resources for economists maintained by the State University of New York at Oswego.

WebEc: World Wide Web Resources in Economics
Originating in Finland, this site offers a comprehensive list of Web resources for economists.

Glossary of Research Economics
An extensive glossary of research economic terms.

Random Comments on Current Events in Economics
A blog dedicated to current events in economics.

Economics Interactive Tutorials List
Interactive economics lectures on several topics, including elasticity, monopoly and risk.

EconLog: Library of Economics and Liberty
A blog on applying introductory economics everyday

Specific Topics in Economics

Money: What it is, How it Works
A useful discussion of important money and banking topics.

Economic Theory for Non-Economics
A discussion of a range of economic topics, including drug control and air pollution.

Game Theory
An introduction to the theory of games.

Archive for the History of Economic Thought
An extensive collection of important original works in economics, organized by McMaster University.

History of Economic Thought
A textbook on the history of economic thought, by William J. Barber.

Economic Data

VassarStats: Web Site for Statistical Computation
A useful and user-friendly tool for performing statistical computation.

Economic Data: FreeLunch.com
The Web's largest economic data library. Free, but you must register to use. Once you register you will gain access to 1.68 million data series, each of which you can easily export as an Excel file.

University of Michigan Data Sites
An impressive array of statistical data sites.

U.S. Data Sources

Economic Report of the President
Contains the most recent Economic Report of the President. The entire report can be browsed or parts of it can be downloaded. Make sure to check the table of contents for the statistical section, which is located about two-thirds of the way through the report.

Includes data for more than 100 federal agencies; can be searched by topic or by agency.

A service of the U.S. Department of Commerce, this is a single point of access to authoritative business, trade and economic information from across the federal government.

The White House Economic Statistics Briefing Room
Provides links to information produced by a number of federal agencies. All of the information is maintained and updated by the statistical units of those agencies.

Statistical Abstract uf the United States
Published since 1878, this is the authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political and economic organization of the United States.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Contains extensive data and information on monetary issues.

FRED: Federal Reservce Bank of St. Louise Economic Research
A good source of monetary data, this site has a program that automatically calculates the growth rates for its data series.

International Data Sources

United Nations Statistical Division
Contains a wealth of economic and socioeconomic data for hundreds of countries.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)
An excellent source of international data and reports.

The CIA World Factbook
Useful information about many countries, although not as lurid as you might imagine.