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Director: Marnie Anderson

The Honors program is a one-year program taken during the senior year. If admitted, students write a thesis in both semesters of the senior year. Admission requires a grade-point average of 3.5 inside and outside the major. The central feature of the Honors program is the writing of a senior thesis with the guidance of a faculty advisor.

If you would like to be considered for the Honors Program, meet with a faculty member in the Program to discuss your ideas and develop a proposal with the assistance of the potential thesis supervisor, during the spring semester of your junior year. Your proposal should include a full description of your topic, your planned research methodology (the breadth of sources you will use and how), a brief description of how your project fits into the scholarship on this topic, and a preliminary bibliography (including primary and secondary sources). The college requires that the faculty supervisor for the thesis be a member of the program, although you may have a second reader in another department or program. Submit your proposal to the Director of Honors in the Program in East Asian Studies by May 1, with the thesis supervisor's signature.
Detailed information and the official application for Honors are available at the class deans' Web site under guidelines and forms for academic procedures. See "Apply to Enter the Departmental Honors Program."

New Guidelines (4/29/13):

a. The thesis will be a two-semester thesis.

b. The GPA required for courses within the major is 3.5.

c. The GPA required for courses outside the major is also 3.5.

d. In considering Departmental Honors, we will weigh as follows:

  i. thesis=60%

  ii. GPA for courses within the major=30%

  iii. thesis defense=10%