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Chinese Poetry and the Other Arts (EAL 237)

In spring 2017, students in EAL 237 curated online exhibitions based on a theme. They researched and analyzed artworks, and selected and interpreted poems to highlight an "aesthetic world" in which a poem or a painting alone could not accomplish. This online exhibition was a collaborative project between the course, developed by Professor Sujane Wu, and Smith College Museum of Art. To view the themes and learn more about the project, visit the Chinese Poetry and the Other Arts class website.

Yuxiao Meng talks about her theme

First-Year Chinese

Chinese Character Literacy Project


This project was designed to help students learn the Chinese characters by providing instructor’s tutorial videos and assisting students in creating their own videos.

Tutorial character video by instructor



A student-produced video introducing Chinese character 祝. It includes radical, stroke order, configuration and her story of making sense of this character.


Second-Year Chinese

Digital Storytelling Project



This is the video that I made for the final project in Chinese II. The project is called the Digital Storytelling, and its purpose is to narrate one of my significant events in Chinese. Chinese is spoken, but both of English and Chinese subtitles are shown.

For this project, I described the relationship with a Korean friend, whom I nickname her as Lili in the video. Though she and I do not contact anymore, our shared memories are priceless. Please enjoy watching the video. All of the soundtracks are credited in the end.  


Yuri Kang '16





Cassiopeia Lee '17