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The Minor

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Advisers: Maki Hubbard, Kimberly Kono, Yuri Kumagai, Atsuko Takahashi, and Sujane Wu

The course requirements are designed so that a student will concentrate on one of the East Asian languages but will have the option of being exposed to other courses in the department.


The first year of Chinese (CHI 110 and 111), Japanese (JPN 110 and 111) or Korean (KOR 101 and 102) is a prerequisite for admission.


The minor consists of a total of six courses in the following distribution:

  1. Chinese II (CHI 220 and 221), Japanese II (JPN 220 and 221) or Korean II (KOR 201 and 202)
  2. Four courses, at least two of which must be EAL-prefix courses (see course offerings)

Transferring Credit

In addition to the courses offered at Smith, courses offered at the other four colleges or offered junior year abroad may be taken for credit toward the requirement, with the restriction that only three courses (counted toward the minor) taken outside of Smith are allowed. Students planning on spending their junior year abroad should consult the department and get approval for courses that will be credited toward the East Asian languages and literatures minor. They must also seek final approval for those courses upon their return. Some EAL courses not listed in the course offering may be eligible.