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Guaranteed Guest Counts

We require 10 days notice for final guaranteed guest counts. All charges will be based on the guaranteed guest count or the number of guests in attendance, whichever is higher. If you are unable to reach a Catering Department representative to confirm your 10-day count, please call the Dining Services Office at 2300.


If you have to cancel an event please contact the Catering Office as soon as possible. If you are unable to reach someone in the Catering Office please call the Dining Services Office at ext 2300 and ask to have a Catering Department representative paged. Events cancelled within the 10 day guarantee period may result in charges related to the event. An event will only be considered cancelled by speaking directly to a Dining Services representative.

Pick Up & Delivery

Catered events located outside of the Campus Center or the Smith College Conference Center will be subject to a $20 delivery charge for functions under $200.  Alternatively, you can arrange to pick up your event at the Campus Center at no charge.


Equipment is available for events catered by Smith College Catering only. All Catering equipment and decorations used at a drop off site are expected to remain at that location. Charges for any missing or damaged equipment will be added to your bill. China service is available for an additional charge.


When booking a catered event it is very important that you furnish us with accurate billing numbers (organization OR fund AND account numbers). This will insure that the proper account is billed in a timely fashion. Catering customers will need to contact the controller’s office to change a billing number after an event is booked.

Alumnae House Events After Hours

Events held at the Alumnae House after normal business hours require a receptionist at $8.50 per hour during the academic year.

Food Left From Catered Events

Our goal is to ensure that all food is properly handled and to minimize food waste. Good planning and accurate guest counts help us to achieve these goals. Dining Services takes the responsibility of safe food handling seriously to ensure that none of our guests are susceptible to food-borne illnesses. Food ordered but not consumed at a catered function may not be removed from the function site. Food items used for display or decoration may not be removed from the function site. This policy is standard in the catering industry.


Floral Arrangements for an event can be ordered by the Catering Department. In this case the flowers are the property of catering and cannot be removed from the event location without prior arrangements. If you arrange for flowers for your event, Catering will need to know what time they will be delivered and what will be done with the flowers after the event.


Linen for food service tables is included in the price of the event. Additional linen can be ordered for non food tables and will be billed with the event. Linen can be ordered for events not associated with Smith Catering by contacting the Campus Center Cafe catering at 2332, 10 days prior to the date the linen is needed. It will be the responsibility of the person requesting the linen to arrange for the pick up and return of the linen to the Campus Center Cafe. Specialty linens are available for all events.

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