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Social justice courses ask students to reflect on the ways different communities (historical and contemporary) have defined a just society. Through coursework students will address one or more of the following areas in order to develop an analytical, critical understanding of societies in the past and the societies they live in.

How have different historical, contemporary, cultural and environmental contexts shaped questions about a just society?

What groups historically or in the contemporary world have not participated fully in society? How and why are certain groups privileged or disadvantaged regarding access to power, social goods and/or decision-making?  
How have individuals or groups addressed policies or practices that they think cause injustice?

Social justice courses are listed (by home department) below, please consult the Smith College Catalog for complete details.

AAS 112 Methods of Inquiry
AAS 155 Introduction to Black Women's Studies
AAS 170 Survey of African-American Literature, 1746-1900
AAS 212 Family Matter:  Representation, Policy and Black Families
AAS 232 The Black Church in the United States
AAS 243 Black Activist Autobiography
AAS 245 The Harlem Renaissance
AAS 254 Race, Identity and the Global City: Anthropology of the African Diaspora
AAS 327 Race and Class in Conflict: The Rise and Fall of the Black Middle Class
AAS 354 Black Feminist Theories
AAS 366 Contemporary Topics
AAS 389 Black Women Work and Family
AAS  289 Feminism, Race and Resistance
AMS 220 Writing American Lives
AMS 220 In the 'Burbs:  Culture, Politics, Identity
AMS 230 Narrative of Internment
AMS 341 Culture, Politics, and the Public Sphere
ARX 102 From Subjects of Reform to Agents for Social Change
ARX 105 Class Matters:  Organizing for Social Justice
CLS 190 The Trojan War
CLS 233 Gender and Sexuality in Greco-Roman Culture
CLS 240 Sweet Revenge
CLT 204 Writings and Rewritings:  Don Quixote
CLT 206 Empathy, Rage, and Outrage
CLT 218 Holocaust Literature
CLT 230 (Un)natural Women:  Mothers Who Kill Their Children
CLT 231 American Jewish Literature
CLT 266 South African Literarure and Film
CLT 232 Modern Chinese Literature
CLT 271 Writing in Translation:  Bilingualism in the Postcolonial Novel
CLT 340 Comparative Literature in the Age of Cosmopolitanisms
CLT 366 Poetry,  Fiction and Visual Culture of the Spanish Civil War
CLT 367 Imagined Homes
EAL 232 Modern Chinese Literature
EAL 244 Constructions of Gender in Japanese Women's Writing
EAL 245 Writing, Japan and Otherness
EAL 360 Minority Writing in Japan
EAL 360 Writing Empire:  Images of Colonial and Postcolonial Japan
EAS 100 Introduction to Modern East Asia
EAS 200 Korean Diaspora
EAS 200 The Difficult Female
EAS 210 Culture and Diplomacy in Asia
EAS 215 Pre-Modern Korean History
EAS 216 Urban Modernity in Colonial Korea
EAS 219 Modern Korean History
EAS 228 Government and Politics of Japan
ECO 363 Seminar on Inequality 
EDC 200 Education in the City
EDC 210 Literacy in Cross-Cultural Perspective
EDC 336 Urban Educational Policy, Reform and Practice
EDC 342 Growing Up American:  Adolescents and their Educational Institutions
EDC 343 Multicultural Education
EGR 205 Science, Technology and Ethics
EGR 330 Engineering and Global Development
ENG 118 The Politics of Language
ENG 118 Water:  Science and Politics
ENG 119 Poverty
ENG 230 American Jewish Literature
ENG 267 Asian American Literature
ENG 278 Asian American Women Writers
ENG 309 Black Prison Intellectuals
ENV 320 Environmental Justice
FRN 230 Women Writers of Africa and the Caribbean
FRN 230 Colloquia in French Studies:  French Islam
FRN 252 Cities of Light:  Urban Spaces in Francophone Film
FRN 272 J'accues!':  French Intellectuals as Activists
FRN 282 Topics in 19th and 20th-Century French Studies: Stories about Moral Dilemmas
FRN 365 Literature of the French Caribbean
FRN 380 Immigration and Sexuality
FYS 105 Jerusalem
FYS 111 Health Care, Justice and Self-Determination:  Explorations in Bioethics
FYS 114 Turning Points
FYS 172 (Dis)obedient Daughters
FYS 186 Israel:  Texts and Contexts
GER   All courses in the Department of German Studies (GER) except 110y, 120 and 200
GES 301 Jerusalem
GOV   All courses in the Department of Government (GOV)
HST   All courses in the Department of History (HST)
IDP 102 Race and its Intersections with Class, Gender and Sexuality
JUD 235 Perspectives on Israeli History
JUD 236 Documentary Film in Contemporary Israel
JUD 237 Forbidden Love:  Cinematics of Desire in Israel and Beyond
JUD 260 Yiddish Literature and Culture
JUD 284 The Jews of Eastern Europe, 1750-1945
JUD 287 The Holocaust
MUS 101 Introduction to World Music
MUS 105 Roll over Beethoven:  A History of Rock
MUS 106 American Sounds
MUS 202 Thinking about Music
MUS 205 Improvising History:  The Development of Jazz
MUS 220 Popular Music of the Islamic World
PHI 108 The Meaning of Life
PHI 242 Topics in Medical Ethics
POR 220 Contemporary Cityscapes: Mapping Brazilian Culture onto an Urban Grid
POR 220 Brazilian Poetry and Performance Art
POR 220 Brazil in the News: Media, Society, and Popular Culture
POR 221 Envisioning Lusofonia: Transnational Encounters and Imaginaries in Portuguese-Language Film
POR 221 Popular Music, Nationhood and Globalization in the Portuguese-Speaking World
POR 221 The Brazilian Body:  Representing Women in Brazil's Literature and Culture
POR 280 Portuguese and Brazilian Voices in Translation: Literature on the Margins of Modernity
POR 290 Questions of Travel:  Narratives of Journeys and Migrations
POR 381 Seminar in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies: Angola, Brazil, and Cuba: Race, Nation, and Narrative
POR 381 Multiple Lenses of Marginality:  New Brazilian Filmmaking by Women
PSY 262 The Psychology of Asian American Experiences
PSY 265 Political Psychology
PSY 266 Psychology of women and gender
PSY 325 Psychosocial Determinants of Health
PSY 374 Seminar in the Psychology of Political Activism
PSY 375 Research Seminar in Political Psychology
REL 108 The Meaning of Life
REL 213 Prophecy in Ancient Israel
REL 282 Violence and Nonviolence in Religious Traditions of South Asia
SOC 226 Privilege and Power in American Education
SOC 317 Inequality in Higher Education
SPN 220 Social and Political Issues in Latin America
SPN 230 A Transatlantic Search for Identity
SPN 230 Latin America Online
SPN 230 Meanings of Travel in Contemporary Latin America
SPN 240 From Page to Stage:  Mujeres de Artes Tomar
SPN 245 Muslim Women in Spain:  756 to the Present
SPN 245 Latin American Film Today:  Global Visions, Local Expressions
SPN 245 Teledictadura:  Narrative of the Dictatorship in Spanish TV
SPN 246 Reinterpreting Magical Realism in Literature and Film
SPN 246 Jewish Presence in Latin American Literature and Film
SPN 250 Sex and the Medieval City
SPN 251 Iberian Literatures, Art and Society II
SPN 261 Survey of Latin American Literature II
SPN 332 Islam in the West
SPN 332 Queer Iberian and North Africa
SPN 365 Migration and Representation in Spain
SPN 365 Spanish Revolution and Civil War
SPN 366 Poetry,  Fiction and Visual Culture of the Spanish Civil War
SPN 370 Violence and Ethics in Latin American Narratives
SPN 372 Teatro x la Identidad (2000-2013):  Social, Political and Cultural Dislocations in Argentine Society
SPN 373 Decoding Love:  Affect and Subjectivity in Contemporary Latin American Culture
SPN 373 Literature, Film and the Transnational Imagination in Latin America
SWG 150 Introduction to the Study of Women and Gender
SWG 222 Gender, Law and Policy
SWG 223 Sexual Harassment and Social Change
SWG 271 Reproductive Justice
SWG 323 Sex Trade and Trafficking
SWG 360 Cultural Work of Memoir
THE 217 Modern European Drama I
THE 218 Modern European Drama II
THE 221 Rehearsing the Impossible:  Black Women Playwrights Interrupting the Master Narrative
THE 316 Contemporary Canadian Drama
THE 319 Shamans, Shapeshifters and the Magic IF
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