Segue, By and For Faculty Transitioning to Retirement

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Staying connected with the Smith community

Support for Emeriti Scholarship

The Sophia Smith Fund provides support for the scholarly and artistic activities of emeriti. For more details, visit the Provost’s Web site.

Work and Social Spaces

Emeriti offices

If an office is available to you, you are entitled to take your Smith computer and your phone (and phone number) to your new office. ITS will help you network your computer in your new location.

Emeriti carrels

If you would prefer a pied-a-terre on campus, an emeriti carrel in Neilson library will meet your needs. Each carrel has two lockable cabinets, and the library provides wireless Internet access. Please contact Danielle Ramdath in the Provost’s office.

Emeriti Lounge

Located on level B of Neilson Library, the Emeriti Lounge is a place where retirees can gather informally. It has good natural light, tables and comfortable places to sit.


Emeriti Directory 2013-14 (PDF)

Social Occasions

The retirees’ group OBND (Out But Not Down) sponsors monthly lunch or dinner meetings from October through May, usually with a talk or other entertainment. When you retire, you automatically receive an invitation to become a member; if you join, you and your spouse or partner will receive invitations to all OBND events at your home address. A list of dates and menus are available on the Dining Services Web site.

Annual Surveys

The Provost’s Office will send you an annual survey. The survey will enable the college to keep up with your research, service and scholarly activities. In addition, it also ensures that we have your correct contact information. The surveys are sent out in August.


As we hear from you, we will maintain this Web site and provide updates as often as we can.