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Faculty Readers




September 2016




Members of the Faculty




Bill E. Peterson, Associate Provost & Dean for Academic Development

Current practices regarding readers in courses (see Section 12, Faculty Code) are as follows:

  1. A faculty member may request a reader if either (a) the number of students in a single course is 50 or greater, in which case a reader may be assigned for that course; or (b) the faculty member's total student enrollment in all courses for the semester is 100 or more, in which case a reader may be assigned to the largest course. Readers are not generally granted for team-taught courses.

    A reader is expected to assist with the grading of three large items (e.g., midterm, final examination, and paper) or the equivalent for each student in the course and normally must attend the lectures in the course.

    A reader cannot be an undergraduate at a Five College institution or a member of the faculty member's immediate family. If the proposed reader is an employee of Smith College, there may be limits to the number of hours the individual is authorized to work each week as a Reader. Particularly if the proposed reader is employed full-time, the authorization to work as a reader may not be possible.

    Requests for readers should be directed to Patty Tran in the Office of the Provost/Dean of the Faculty, College Hall 206. Your request should include:

    the reader's name and address;

    whether this is a new or renewed appointment;

    and the department, course number, and estimated enrollment. Enrollment figures will be verified with the Registrar after the add/drop period.

  2. For 2016-2017, readers will be paid $750 plus $7.50 per student, per semester. Please note that payroll for readers will be processed after final enrollment figures are verified. (In lieu of a payment based on $750 plus $7.50 per student per semester, a flat rate of pay applies when the requested reader is a UMass graduate student. Contact Patty Tran in the Office of the Provost/Dean of the Faculty for more information.) These rates are for 4-credit courses and will be prorated for courses with fewer than four credits.

I am circulating this memo to make sure that all faculty members understand the guidelines for readers and are aware of the basis on which requests are evaluated.