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The Schedule Report lists all courses/sections for your department, which are currently contained in our database. The report does not include any courses which will be newly offered in the above term. Please check and update the information indicated on the report and include any additional courses on the blank sheet provided (duplicate, if necessary).

  1. The subject, course number, and title of each course are listed in bold. Please check this information and correct any inaccuracies. Cross out any course not being offered.

  2. All sections are listed beneath the course title with one section per box. Information includes:
  • CRN - used to identify each course for registration purposes only. CRN's do not need to be verified.

  • Sec - Indicates the section number. Sections should be listed in chronological order. Discussion sections begin with a "D" and lab sections begin with an "L". Cross out any section(s) not being offered and add any additional section(s) in the space provided.

  • Crd - Indicates the number of course credits. If a course has lecture and discussion/lab sections, only the gradeable sections should indicate credit. Correct if necessary.

  • Type - Identifies the course type (lecture, discuss, colloq, seminar, lab, special studies, honors). Correct the type if necessary.

  • Offered - This box is blank. Record a 'Y" if section will be offered: an 'N' if section will not be offered.

  • Days - Record the days each section will meet, such as "MWF".
    (M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F= Friday)

  • Time - Record the time each section will meet such as "1:10-2"

  • Mins - Calculate and record the total number of minutes of the section meeting time.

  • Max enroll - Indicates the enrollment maximum for the section. Correct if necessary. Unlimited enrollment sections are listed as "999". (Note: if a section requires instructor permission, the max enrollment is listed as "999".)

  • Instructor - Record name of instructor(s).

  • Perm req - Indicates instructor permission. Record a "Y" if permission is required. Leave blank if permission is not required.

  • Dist - Indicates latin honors distribution and/or writing intensive. Correct if necessary.
    (A=Arts, F=Foreign Language, H=Historical Studies, L=Literature, M=Math and Analytical Philosophy, N=Natural Science, S=Social Science, Wl=Writing Intensive)
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