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The Katharine Asher Engel Lectureship at Smith College was established in 1958 by the National Council of Jewish Women to honor the memory of Mrs. Engel, its onetime president, a graduate of Smith College, 1920. Mrs. Engel's life was one of generous participation in educational, civic, religious and welfare activities. In endowing the lectureship, the council hoped to "create a bond between a remarkable woman, her college, and the organization to which she was devoted."

Under the terms of the grant, the holder of the annual lectureship must be a member of the Smith College faculty who has made an outstanding contribution to knowledge in his or her field; a list of previous Engel lecturers is below. Information on nominating a colleagues for the 2016-2017 lectureship can be found here.

(Click on underlined items for further details about the lecture)



Joseph O'Rourke, Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Professor of Computer Science
March 28, 2017 5:00 pm, Alumnae House Conference Hall



Steven Goldstein, Sophia Smith Professor of Government
The Taiwan Tangle: A Dilemma in America's Asia Policy



Steven Williams, Gates Professor of Biological Sciences, The Global Fight Against Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs):  Diseases of Poverty that Afflict the "Bottom Billion"



William Allan Oram, Helen Means Professor of English Language & Literature, The Price of Kingship in Shakespeare's Henriad



Donna Robinson Divine, Morningstar Family Professor in Jewish Studies, Professor of Government, Upheaval in the Middle East: A Guide for the Perplexed, Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 5:00 pm, Seelye Hall 201



Peter Bloom, Grace Jarcho Ross 1933 Professor of the Humanities, Berlioz, Delacroix, and La Mort d'Ophélie



Elizabeth Spelman, Barbara Richmond 1940 Professor in the Humanities, Professor of Philosophy, Combing Through the Trash: Philosophy Goes Rummaging



Justina Gregory, Professor of Classical Languages and Literatures, Cheiron the Centaur - Some Reflections on Teachers and Teaching



Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz, Sydenham C. Parsons Professor, American Studies, Underneath the Whirls: Rethinking Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Sex, Nervous Breakdown, and S. Weir Mitchell



Randy Frost, Harold Edward and Elsa Siipola Israel Professor of Psychology, Buried in Treasures: The Psychopathology of Compulsive Hoarding



Ruth Solie, Sophia Smith Professor of Music, Railroads, Beethoven & Victorian Modernity



Stephen Tilley, Myra A. Sampson Professor of Biological Sciences, Mountains, Molecules and Salamanders: Exploring Patterns of Biodiversity in the Southern Appalachians



Ann Rosalind Jones, Esther Cloudman Dunn Professor, Comparative Literature, Exhibiting Others: Images and Judgments of Clothing in Three Sixteenth-Century Costume Books



Howard Nenner, Roe/Straut Professor in the Humanities (History), Richard III and History: A Cautionary Tale



Daniel Horowitz, Professor of American Studies, The Anxieties of Affluence in the United States at the End of the Twentieth Century



Ronald Russell Macdonald, Professor of English Language and Literature; Professor Macdonald died March 8, 2002



Philip D. Reid, Louise C. Harrington Professor of Biological Sciences, A Botanical Triptych



Lawrence A. Joseph, Professor Emeritus of French Language and Literature, Marcel Proust and "Docteur Dieu": Letters to Samuel Pozzi.



Myron Peretz Glazer, Barbara Richmond Professor in the Social Sciences, On the Trail of Courageous Behavior.



Taitetsu Unno, Jill Ker Conway Professor of Religion and East Asian Studies, Space as Metaphor: Evolution of the Stupa from India to Japan.



Helen E. Searing, Alice Pratt Brown Professor of Art, Museums, Knowledge, Power: The Discourse of Display.



Philip Green, Sophia Smith Professor of Government, No Community Without Me: Reflections on Identity.



Jeanne A. Powell, Elsie Damon Simonds Professor of Biological Sciences, Building up Your Muscle from the Beginning: Mice in Service of Mankind.



Paul Pickrel, Professor Emeritus of English, Enemies of Memory: On Recalling the 1930's. (Smith College, 1995.)


Murray J. Kiteley, Sophia Smith Professor of Philosophy, Parts of Speech, Parts of the World: A Match Made in Heaven? Or Just Athens? (Smith College, 1994.)



Andrew Zimbalist, Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics, Baseball's Economic Dilemmas and Public Policy. (Smith College, 1993.)



Quentin Quesnell, Roe/Straut Professor in the Humanities, In Search of Sophia. (Smith College, 1992.)



Marjorie Senechal, Louise Wolff Kahn Professor of Mathematics, From Symmetry to Disorder: A Personal Odyssey



R. Jackson Wilson, Professor of History, The Philosopher as Artist: Charles Sanders Pierce



Elliot M. Offner, Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities, A Sculptor Looks Back and Ahead.



C. John Burk, Gates Professor of Biological Sciences, After the Ice: The Changing Landscapes of New England.



Hans Vaget, Helen and Laura Shedd Professor of German Language and Literature, Thomas Mann and Agnes E. Meyer



Joan Afferica, L. Clark Seelye Professor of History, Stalin and Veselovsky's Ivan the Terrible.



Stanley Rothman, Mary Huggins Gamble Professor of Government, Who are Those Journalists? (And Why are They Saying Such Nasty Things?).



Morris Lazerowitz, Sophia and Austin Smith Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Cassandra in Philosophy. (Smith College, 1984.)



Neal H. McCoy, Gates Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, An Important Scientific Prediction.



Philipp Otto Naegele, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Music, Gustav Mahler and Johann Sebastian Bach. (Smith College, 1984.)



Helen Krich Chinoy, Professor of Theatre, The Chosen Ones: Politics & Passion in the Group Theatre 1931-1941.



B. Elizabeth Horner, Myra M. Sampson Professor in the Biological Sciences, Australian Mammals: Paradoxes and Changing Perspectives



William L. MacDonald, Alice Pratt Brown Professor of Art, Piranesi's Carceri: Sources of Invention. (Smith College, 1979.)



Peter I Rose, Sophia Smith Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen." Some Reflections on the Insider-Outsider Debate. (Smith College, 1978.)



George E. Dimock, Jr., Professor of Classical Languages and Literatures, "God, or Not God, or Between the Two?"--Euripides' Helen. (Smith College, 1977.)



Cecilia M. Kenyon, Charles N. Clark Professor of Government, Deep Roots: The Declaration of Independence. A disquisition into the sources of evolution of the political ideas of the American Revolution



Thomas C. Mendenhall, President and Professor of History, Chance and Change in Smith College's First Century. (Smith College, 1976.)



Stanley M. Elkins, Sydenham Clark Parsons Professor of History, Washington: The Meaning of a Capital City



Phyllis Williams Lehmann, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Art, Skopas in Samothrace. (Smith College, 1973.)



George W. de Villafranca, Gates Professor in the Biological Sciences, The Driving Force: Muscle. (Smith College, 1972.)



Ely Chinoy, Mary Huggins Gamble Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Knowledge and Action: The Role of Sociology. (Smith College, 1970.)



Max Salvadori, Dwight W. Morrow Professor of History, A Stone of Stumbling The Debate on Democracy between The Second and Third Internationals 1919-1922. (Smith College, 1970.)



Klemens von Klemperer, L. Clark Seelye Professor Emeritus of History, Mandate for Resistance: The Case of the German Opposition to Hitler. (Smith College, 1969.)



Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz, Sophia and Austin Smith Professor of Philosophy, The Changing Face of Philosophy. (Smith College, 1968.)



Helen Muchnic, Helen and Laura Shedd Professor of Russian Language and Literature, The Unhappy Consciousness; Gogol, Poe, Baudelaire. (Smith College, 1967.)



Henry-Russell Hitchcock, Sophia Smith Professor of Art, Richardson as a Victorian Architect. (Smith College, 1965.)



Eleanor Duckett, Professor Emeritus of Classical Languages and Literatures and Sophia Smith Fellow, Women and Their Letters in the Early Middle Ages. (Smith College, 1965.)



Daniel Aaron, Mary Augusta Jordan Professor of English Language and Literature, Poland: A Self-Interview. (Smith College, 1964.)



Ruth Wedgwood Kennedy, Professor Emeritus of Art, Novelty and Tradition in Titian's Art. 52 Plates. (Smith College, 1963.)



Oliver W. Larkin, Jessie Wells Post Professor of Art, Daumier in His Time and in Ours. (Smith College, 1962.)



Sidney R. Packard, Sydenham Clark Parsons Professor of History, The Process of Historical Revision: New Viewpoints in Medieval European History. (Smith College, 1962.)



Elizabeth Drew, Visiting Professor of English Language and Literature, Life and Art in the Novel. (Smith College, 1962.)



Newton Arvin, Professor of English Language and Literature, The House of Pain: Emerson and the Tragic Sense. (The Hudson Review, Volume XII, Spring, 1958.)

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