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July 8, 2016


Academic Freedom Committee

Ernest Benz (2018)

James Henle (2017)

Maria Helena Rueda (2019)

Committee on Academic Priorities

Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Chair, non-voting (Katherine Rowe)

Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Development, non-voting (Bill E. Peterson)

Dean of the College, non-voting (Donna Lisker)

Gary Lehring (2019)

Nathanael Fortune (2018)

Alexandra Keller (2018)

Amy Rhodes (2017)

Hélène Visentin (2018)

Nalini Bhushan, Faculty Council Representative, non-voting (2017)

Committee on Educational Technology

Rodger Blum (2018)

Annaliese Beery (2019)

Mlada Bukovansky (2017)

Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Development (Bill E. Peterson)

Elliot Fratkin, Faculty Council Representative, non-voting (2017)

Committee on Faculty Compensation and Development

Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Development, Chair, non-voting (Bill E. Peterson)

Steve Waksman (2019)

Randy Frost (2019)

Susannah Howe (2019)

Nancy Whittier (2017)

John Brady (2018)

Leslie King, Faculty Council Representative, non-voting (2017)

Faculty Council

Nalini Bhushan (2019)

Elliot Fratkin (2017)

Nicholas Howe (2017)

Leslie King (2017)

Kevin Rozario (2017)

Committee on Grievance

Jonathan Gosnell (2018)

Michelle Joffroy (2019)

Barbara Kellum (2017)

Reyes Lázaro (2018)

Katwiwa Mule (2017)


Tina Wildhagen (2017)

Julianna Tymoczko (2017)

James Miller (2017)

Lecture Committee

Anna Botta, Chair

Velma Garcia

Elizabeth Jamieson

Andrea Stone

Cristina Suarez

Becca Damante '17

Committee on the Library

John Loveless (2019)

Richard Millington (2019)

Daniel Kramer (2017)

Caroline Melly (2018)

Marnie Anderson (2017)


Two students chosen by Student Government Association (To be announced)

Dean of Libraries (Susan Fliss)

Provost & Dean of the Faculty (Katherine Rowe)

Committee on Mission and Priorities

Kathleen McCartney, President, Chair

Katherine Rowe, Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Vice Chair

Julia Collins ’17

Koumba Dem '18

Michael Howard, Vice President for Finance & Administration

Nicholas Howe, Professor of Computer Science

Courtney Lannert, Associate Professor of Physics (2017)

Elisa Lanzi, Director of Digital Strategies and Services, Smith Libraries

Donna Lisker, Dean of the College and Vice President for Campus Life

Bill Peterson, Associate Provost & Dean for Academic Development

Beth Raffeld, Vice President for Development (non-voting)

Jeffry Ramsey, Associate Professor of Philosophy (2017)

Kevin Rozario, Associate Professor of American Studies (Faculty Council representative)

Rebecca Shaw, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life

Alan Rudnitsky, Professor of Education and Child Study (2018)

Committee on Tenure and Promotion

President, Chair (Kathleen McCartney)

Provost and Dean of the Faculty (Katherine Rowe)

Randall Bartlett (2019)

Lauren Duncan (2018)

Dawn Fulton (2019)

Dana Leibsohn (2018)

Michael Thurston (2019)

Alternate: TBD

To view committee members, click on the committee name and a dropdown window will open with members listed below.

Faculty Election Results 2016-2017

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