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Christina Tsoules Soriano, 2003

"The MFA program at Smith was so nurturing and fabulous. I loved my cohort and the dance faculty and I remain in contact with them still today. Rodger Blum was particularly pivotal in my growth. His patience and guidance with my masters thesis -- an extensive video and live performance project -- was tremendous. I also really valued the classes I was able to audit with Constance Valis Hill at Hampshire College, and find myself channeling her energy in my First Year Seminar course. And Fritha Pengelly's and Terese Friedman's modern classes were so important to my foundation as a technique teacher today. I treasured the FCDD experience, as a student and a teacher."

In the fall of 2006, Christina Tsoules Soriano accepted an assistant professor of dance position at Wake Forest University, in Winston-Salem, NC and "loves it!" Wake's department is a theatre and dance department model which gives her a rich interaction colleagues in theatre. Christina teaches beginning-advanced levels of modern technique, dance composition, improvisation, 20th-century American modern dance history and a First Year Seminar entitled "FRAMED: Looking at the Moving Body in Film and Video." She also teaches a course called "Movement for Men" which is a half-semester course taken by many of Wake's elite male athletes. She loves the connections she is discovering between dance and sport and has made dance and masculinity a new area of research interest.

In 2008, Christina embarked on a dance tour with her newly formed dance company, CTS Dance, which featured North Carolina professional dancers as well as a select number of Wake student-dancers. She was fortunate to tour as a choreographic partner for the NC Dance Festival and American Dance Festival's "Acts to Follow" series. Published work has appeared in Theatre Journal and upcoming articles will be forthcoming in the Journal of Dance Education (JODE) and the Journal of Mathematics in the Arts.