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Katharine (Gould) Power, 1978

"I am fortunate to have been a member of the inaugural MFA class, and I remember with great fondness a time of experimentation; of opening to new approaches in dance; and of intense bonding with fellow MFA dancers. I am deeply grateful to Susan Waltner whose vision built and sustained a program that had a profound impact on my life (as well as on the lives of so many others) and to the late Dr. Selma Jeanne Cohen whose courses in dance aesthetics and criticism kindled my intellectual interests and continue to influence my thinking and teaching to this day. 'Of course the assigned readings are in Old French -- what did you expect?!' Her words echo across the years, and my collection of notes from her classes (although somewhat yellowing) remain ever a rich resource... and always a place of return."

After receiving her MFA in 1978, Kat worked as a dance critic for the Springfield Newspapers and joined the faculty of Trinity College where she currently serves as chair of the Department of Theater and Dance. Kat has also held positions at Trinity as associate academic dean, dean of the First Year Program, and director of the InterArts Program. She has presented on Martha Graham at several academic conferences and her article titled "Raging Mothers: Maternal Desire and Subjectivity in The Dance Theater of Martha Graham" was published in a 1999 issue of The Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism. Kat teaches a broad array of courses at Trinity designed to engage students in lively discourse on the arts -- and most importantly, she is an avid practitioner of T'ai Chi and attends classes regularly with Master Guangzhi Xing of West Hartford, Conn.