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Rebecca Nordstrom, 1979

"I started the MFA program in 1976, one of a tiny group in that very first class. It was an exciting time to be a grad student and I felt both tremendously challenged and very supported by the faculty and my peers. The faculty were also very generous in allowing me to interrupt my studies to dance for a season in NYC with Laura Dean Dancers and Musicians. It took me a little longer to finish the program but the whole experience was richly rewarding. Since then I have been privileged to serve on a number of MFA committees and find working with the grad students delightfully stimulating."

Soon after completing the MFA program Rebecca Nordstom took a job teaching dance at the University of Delaware and stayed there for two years. In 1981 she accepted a position at Hampshire College and have been there ever since. Her teaching includes Laban studies, composition, somatics and modern/contemporary technique. Over the nearly 30 years in the FCDD Rebecca has made work and performed with many of her wonderful colleagues in the FCDD.