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Karen Murphy-Fitch, 1991

"Smith provided a fabulous experience that matured me as an artist and as an individual. Having the access to multiple colleges with such a diverse variety of instructors made for an interesting and purposeful education. I found it difficult at the very beginning to find my niche however, once I'd become comfortable and familiar with the flow of the MFA program it was a wonderful place to learn, be nurtured as an artist and to develop."

Karen Murphy-Fitch founded Falling Flight Project in 1997 while she was involved in studies for her degree in nurse-midwifery at Columbia University. The company was originally formed with two casts of dancers, one in New York and the other in Boston. The consolidation of the company took place in 2000 and it has been based in Cambridge, Mass. since that time. In addition to her position as the artistic director of Falling Flight Project, Karen is a practicing certified nurse-midwife. She is happily married with a beautiful 2-year old son and lives in Cambridge, Mass.