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Dustyn Martincich, 1995

"Working in the Five Colleges (I taught at Smith, Mount Holyoke and UMass), gave me a variety of teaching experiences and fueled my interest in dance in a liberal arts education. I had the chance to work with a variety of faculty and students in the classroom and on stage. I believe that influenced my work as an artist as well as an educator."

Dustyn Martincich holds a tenure-track position at Bucknell University as an Assistant Professor of Theatre and Dance, teaching jazz dance, beginning acting, intro to theatre, and dance conditioning. She choreographs for the student dance company and showcase performances each semester as well as musicals every other year. Dustyn performs at Bucknell (most recently in a recreation of Smith grad alum Tara Madsen's Breaking Ground), and continues to choreograph and perform with Matter Dance Company in their summer and winter season.