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Faculty & Staff


Chris Aiken
Associate Professor

Rodger Fleming Blum
Professor and Chair of the Five Colllege Dance Department

Yvonne Daniel
Professor Emerita

Angie Hauser
Associate Professor and Chair of the Dance Department

Lester Tomé
Assistant Professor and Director of the M.F.A. Program in Dance 

Mike Vargas
Musician/Lecturer in Dance Technique and Performance

Susan Kay Waltner
Professor Emerita and Lecturer in Dance

Teaching Fellows

Nikki Carrara

Lucille Jun

Michelle Kassmann

Sarah Lass

Anna Maynard

Sarah Seder

Shayla-Vie Jenkins

Five College Lecturer in Dance

Marilyn M. Sylla
Five College Lecturer in Dance

Lecturers/Guest Artists in Dance

Bebe Miller

Shakia Johnson

Bronwen MacArthur

Katie Martin

Kelly Silliman

Daniel Trenner


Matthew Adelson
FCDD Production Manager

Nikki Beck
Publicity and Production Assistant

Emily Justice Dunn
Dance Costume Designer

Nancy Horn
Assistant Costumer/Cutter

Kim Logan
Administrative Coordinator

Daniel D. Rist
Dance Lighting Designer and Technical Director

Kathryn Rother
FCDD Production Assistant

Sam Rush
Publicity and Production Manager

Alan Schneider
Assistant Technical Director

David Wiggall
Lighting and Sound Supervisor