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How to Find Someone to Invite to Your House Tea

Want to invite a guest to speak at your house tea, but not sure where to start? Below is a brand new, comprehensive list of possible tea-time visitors, from “house history” teas led by staff from the College Archives to “what not to wear” teas led by Assistant Director of the Office of Student Engagement Patrick Connelly. Each visitor will be happy to give an informative talk in the comfortable setting of your house. If you have an idea for a tea that is not on this list, please e-mail Wurtele Center for Work & Life Program Assistant Ally Einbinder.

“Take Smith Along” Tea
Krystal Cummings ’10, Admission Counselor

As a student I enjoyed house teas as a time to unwind, enjoy good company, and unite around a theme. Now that I am an alum working in admission, I hope to promote our Take Smith Along program, where we give current students the tools and guidance they need to share Smith with the communities they value most. If your house is interested in making Smith a more distinguished and diverse campus please get in touch!

Executive Education Tea
Abida Adnan, Assistant Director of Communications at Smith Executive Education

Did you know that Smith partners with Fortune 500 companies to provide all-women leadership development programs? Every summer more than 150 high-level executives from companies like Johnson and Johnson, IBM and JPMorgan come to campus to develop their business acumen and leadership skills. Do you want to learn about the secrets of successful businesswomen? Invite Abida Adnan, assistant director of communications at Executive Education, to talk about the latest topics in business leadership, the challenges and issues that women face in the real world, and how you can get involved with Executive Education.

“What Not to Wear” Tea
Patrick Connelly, Assistant Director at the Office of Student Engagement

My “What Not to Wear” tea is a lot of fun and very interactive. We talk about current styles, good and bad. We talk about what Smithies wear, good and bad. We also talk about what you should wear to interviews and work, and about how to maintain your own sense of style.

Active Minds Tea

Active Minds provides a safe environment over tea for those struggling with a mental illness, as well as help get the word out about the prevalence of anxiety, mood and eating disorders. To arrange a tea, e-mail activeminds@smith.edu.

Ada/Trad “Meet-and-Greet” Tea

Invite members of the Ada Comstock Scholar class who don't live in a Smith house to participate in the campus tradition of house teas. To set up a house tea with members of the Ada class, e-mail Taylor Schulte AC ’13, Ada Class historian, at tschulte@smith.edu.

Alternative Medicines Tea with Jennifer Nery '98
Jennifer Nery '98, licensed acupuncturist, runs CLINIC Alternative Medicines, a multi-disciplinary clinic in Northampton. She is happy to be invited as a guest at any house tea to speak about Chinese medicine, do demonstartions, or talk about alternative medicine as a career path. To arrange a tea, e-mail Jennifer at jen@clinicnoho.com.

Archives Tea

Learn about the history of your Smith house by inviting staff from the College Archives to speak at any Friday and Sunday afternoon tea. To arrange a tea, e-mail Nanci Young, College Archivist, at nyoung@smith.edu.

Asexual Communication and Education Club — Asexuali-Tea

Invite Smith’s Asexual Communication and Education Club (A.C.E.) to come to your house and lead an Asexuali-Tea. Learn about what asexuality is, the myths associated with it, and some of the common obstacles asexual-identified people face. To arrange an Asexuali-Tea, e-mail ace@smith.edu.


Representatives from the Career Development Office are available to speak at any Friday afternoon house tea. Tea discussions may range from a “general interest” talk about the CDO and what it offers, to a more specific focus discussion (ex: senior year job search) depending on the interest of the house. The CDO representative at the tea may be a staff adviser and/or a student peer adviser. To arrange a tea, e-mail Jason Bauer-Clapp, associate director of the CDO, at jclapp@smith.edu. Please allow several weeks of advance notice to accommodate a request.

Center for Community Collaboration (CCC) Teas

The Center for Community Collaboration (CCC) hosts a monthly series of afternoon teas on topics related to community engagement, responsive citizenship, and the active generation of knowledge to benefit society. For more information on upcoming teas sponsored by CCC, e-mail Carla Cooke, CCC administrative assistant, at ccooke@smith.edu.

Center for the Environment, Ecological Design and Sustainability (CEEDS) Teas

The SustainabiliTEA series is a semi-monthly afternoon tea series sponsored by the Center for the Environment, Ecological Design and Sustainability (CEEDS). Teas focus on a wide-variety of “green”-related topics and initiatives. For more information on upcoming SustainabiliTEAs, e-mail Sarah Loomis, CEEDS administrative assistant, at sloomis@smith.edu.

Executive Education Tea

Invite staff and student representatives from Smith College Executive Education to speak at your house tea and learn how Smith's "all-women" executive education approach can dramatically accelerate leadership learning. Representatives will speak about the types of programs offered through the office of Executive Education, as well as ways you can get involved with Executive Education starting now. To set up a tea, e-mail Iris Newalu, director of Smith Executive Education, at inewalu@smith.edu.

Global Studies Center — What’s Happening Around the World? Teas

What’s Happening Around the World? (WHAW), a semi-monthly tea series sponsored by the Global Studies Centers, invites students and faculty to gather and discuss global current events. Moderated by Smith students, each WHAW discussion features a panel of expert faculty members who field questions and comments from the audience. Past topics have included “The Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and “Déjà vu, Anyone? Regime Change in Egypt and the Blunder of US Foreign Policy.” For more information on upcoming WHAW teas, visit www.smith.edu/world or e-mail Global Studies Center Administrative Coordinator Lisa Morde at lmorde@smith.edu.

Health Services Tea

Got Sunday teas? Invite Health Services Director Dr. Les Jaffe talk about contraception, STIs, female circumcision, maternal health in India, and more. To arrange a tea, e-mail Dr. Jaffe at ljaffe@smith.edu.

Interfaith Teas

A panel of Smithies of different beliefs and religions will come to your house for discussion and Q and A. To arrange to have a panel, contact Hayat Abuza at habuza@smith.edu.

Libraries Tea

Want to learn more about the Smith’s four libraries? Have something to say about Smith’s libraries? Chris Loring, director of libraries at Smith, is happy to speak as a guest at house teas on the topic of “What’s up at the libraries? What should be up at the libraries?” To arrange a tea, e-mail Chris at cloring@smith.edu.

Office of Student Engagement Tea

Want to learn about organizing programming on campus, and what resources are available on campus to help? Invite the Office of Student Engagement to your house tea by e-mailing ose@smith.edu.

Pamper Party Teas

De-stress with Yogassage, aromatherapy, massage education and organic bodycare goodies! To set up a pamper party in your house, e-mail Rachel Besserman GR '10 at rachelctb@gmail.com. For more information, visit www.emmetsessentials.com.

Peer Sexuality Educators Tea

Invite Peer Sexuality Educators (PSE) to lead fun games and activities that enable participants to talk openly and safely about topics related to sexual health and sexuality. Scientifically accurate, sex positive, and fun! E-mail pse@smith.edu to arrange a tea.

Registrar’s Tea

Invite a member of the Registrar’s office to come speak at your house tea and answer any questions related to course registration, deadlines, Latin honors, transfer credit, requesting transcripts and exams. To arrange a tea, contact Registration/Exams Assistant Karen Sise at ksise@smith.edu.

SCCS Chorus Performance Tea

Invite the Smith College Campus School (SCCS) student chorus to perform at any Friday afternoon tea. The SCCS Chorus members are students from grades 4 through 6 who love to sing. They meet for rehearsal once a week to prepare a choral repertoire representing a wide range from folk songs and classical music to pop songs and musical theatre. They enjoy sharing their efforts in musical performances throughout the year. To invite the SCCS chorus to perform at a tea, contact Chorus Director Cynthia Naughton at cnaughto@smith.edu.

Sessions House “Coffee House” Teas

Sessions House holds monthly "coffee house" teas where students and Sessions House fellows perform, entertain and educate guests on a variety of topics. Students have the opportunity to share their artwork, poetry, music, writing, and other creative pursuits. International students teach cultural customs, songs and dances, and in turn, learn about popular American culture. To learn more about Sessions’ “Coffee House” teas, e-mail Janice Moulton, Session House fellow and philosophy department member, at jmoulton@smith.edu.

Smith College Museum of Art Tea

The Smith College Museum of Art staff is happy to join you at your house for tea, to share information about the work they do and the exciting happenings at the museum. Museum staff can also work with you to arrange a tea-time tour for your house. A fellow student tour guide will walk you through some highlights of the collection, followed by a free craft activity. They can even work with you to arrange for your tea and snacks to be catered at the museum or next door in Hillyer Hall. Contact the Museum Education Department at museduc@smith.edu to learn more about either of these opportunities.

Sophia Smith Collection Tea

Staff from the Sophia Smith College (SSC) are available to lead Friday afternoon tea talks with any house or interested student group throughout the academic year. The SSC is a premier body of women's papers and archives of women's organizations—the oldest such collection in the United States and, with 665 collections and over 1,000 historical periodicals, one of the largest in the world. With enough notice, staff can: screen a 20-minute film about the collection and answer the questions it inspires; show and tell a selection of items from recently acquired or newly opened collections; reprise a past Staff Picks exhibit with its coffin photos and memorabilia made of human hair; tailor a presentation to some topical event (such as Election Day, International Women's Day or Women's History Month), or address some other particular interest of the group. With a collection so large and multifaceted, there is something for everyone. To arrange a tea with the Sophia Smith Collection, e-mail Sherrill Redmon, director of the SSC, at sredmon@smith.edu.

Study Abroad Teas

The Office for International Study is happy to visit houses or other campus groups to talk about study abroad procedures and options at a regular house tea or club/group meeting. To request a study abroad tea, e-mail Lisa Johnson, assistant dean for international study, at ldjohnso@smith.edu.

“Take Smith Along” Program — Informational Tea

Invite Smith Admission Counselor Krystal Cummings ’10 to your house to learn about how to get involved in the Office of Admission’s Take Smith Along (TSA) Program. Take Smith Along encourages students to share Smith with their local high schools and community colleges, organizations with which they are affiliated, communities where they work or volunteer, and with students and families they meet while traveling. This program is designed to increase prospective student recruitment and continue to make Smith a more distinguished and diverse campus. When current students are interested in participating in the program, the Office of Admission provides them with the tools and guidance they need to share their genuine Smith experiences with the college bound communities they value most. To arrange an informational TSA tea, contact Krystal Cummings at kcumming@smith.edu.

Tapestry Health Tea

The first in the region to offer the rapid one-day HIV test, provider of confidential birth control and emergency contraception, ensuring mothers and their babies get nutritious food through the WIC program, Tapestry Health can visit your house to talk about its services and opportunities for internships and volunteer work. For more information, e-mail ashort@tapestryhealth.org.

Trans 101 Tea

Invite Tobias Davis, a Smith alumnus (2003) and current Smith staff member, to come to your house tea and lead a discussion about the intersections of gender, social justice and the Smith community. To arrange a Trans 101 tea, e-mail Tobias at tdavis@smith.edu.

Wellness Education Tea

Invite Smith’s Wellness Education Director Emily Nagoski to answer questions about all things wellness-related: sleep, sex, stress, body image, relationships, etc. E-mail Emily at enagoski@smith.edu to arrange a tea.

“What Not to Wear” Tea

Patrick Connelly’s fun, informative tea about personal style and precisely why wearing pajamas to class might not be a brilliant idea. To set up a “What Not to Wear” tea, e-mail Patrick at pconnell@smith.edu.

Women and Financial Independence (WFI) Tea

Invite a representative from Women and Financial Independence (WFI) to speak at your house tea. Topic choices include: What is WFI and how can we help you?; College Money Management — Take Control Now; Introduction to Saving and Investing; Evaluating Your Job Offers — From a Financial Perspective. To arrange a tea, simply fill out this form and send it wfi@smith.edu.