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First Gen Out Loud: A Leadership Development Experience

First Gen Out Loud

First Gen Out Loud: A Leadership Development Experience was a Wurtele Center initiative in collaboration with Marge Litchford in Student Affairs, Tina Wildhagen in Sociology, Yvonne Mendez from StoryCenter, and Deborah Keisch in Educational Technology.

The goals were to have first-year students who were the first in their families to attend a four year college...

Skills practiced were:

The program consisted of monthly meetings and an overnight retreat to create digital videos. The students' stories are below.


Stephanie Pinedo '18




Shayla Bezjak '20




Dionna Jenkins '20




Haven Sandoval '20




Kendall Futrell '20




The ePortfolio program is currently offered in collaboration with the museums concentration, the translation studies concentration, the environmental concentrations and Mellon Mays Scholars.

During guided workshops, we help you articulate your most important learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. You archive short pieces of writing, along with photos, audio and video, in an online portfolio that you can take with you after leaving college.


Recent Portfolios

Melllon Mays Scholars

Beryl Ford

Beryl Ford '17

“The guiding question that I continuously sought to answer over the course of this summer was: ‘Why do these artists [Maud Sulter and Awol Erziku] appropriate and reinterpret European portrait iconography to comment on the exclusion of black women in the canon of art history?'"  Read more ...

Environmental Concentration

Jade Chihara

Jade Chihara '17

“I think that we can agree that a lot of things in the world today could use some fixing and the best way is to begin on the ground by learning about sustainable practices that are beneficial and originated from people who’ve done it for hundreds of years. I am from Maui, and a lot of our island’s problems stem back to the inability of Maui’s streams to flow from the mountains to the sea.”  Read more ...

Eliza Mongeau

Eliza Mongeau '16

"This summer I had the opportunity to work as an intern at Book and Plow farm in Amherst, Massachusetts. Book and Plow is a 15-acre sustainable vegetable farm run by three farmers: Pete, Tobin, and Maida. As a sustainable farm, Book and Plow aims to preserve the natural ecosystem and nourish the soil in the interest of long term sustainability."  Read more ...

Museums Concentration

Alessia Becker

Alessia Becker '16

"So far, beyond learning the specifics regarding the history and function of museums, being a part of the museums concentration has helped shape my post-graduation prospects."   Read more ...

Maggie Hoot

Maggie Hoot '16

"My name is Maggie.  I am an Art History major with a concentration in Museum Studies.  I graduated in May 2016 and have had a long and circuitous path through the concentration."  Read more ...

Amanda Morgida

Amanda Morgida '16

"The Museums Concentration was one of the many enticing aspects of Smith College for me when I was applying to college. When I came to Smith, I knew that I wanted to become involved with this concentration because it is such a unique opportunity to explore my interests in the multiple facets of museum work within an academic environment."  Read more ...

Geneva Strauss-Wise

Geneva Strauss-Wise '16

"As an Architecture and Urbanism major, my interest in museums begins outside of museums, within the built-environment and other cultural landscapes. The impermanent, often intangible, or lived cultural heritage of these spaces is complicated when thought about in relation to the museum’s conservation and archival practices of permanence."  Read more ...

Translation Concentration

Dinah Lensing-Sharp

Dinah Lensing-Sharp '16

“I became interested in the Translation Studies Concentration at the end of my first year at Smith when I took the gateway course CLT 150: The Art of Translation. The lecture series introduced me to just a few of the myriad ways in which translation shapes the study of literature."  Read more ...

Nancy Martinez

Nancy Martinez '16

“My work in translation is simultaneously focused on the value of one poem to reading Spanish literature and as an exercise in figuring out how to efficiently share information.”  Read more ...

Caitlin Rosazza

Caitlin Rosazza '16

"I have a true passion for languages and believe that acquiring translation skills is key to gaining a better understanding of languages."  Read more ...

Stephanie Pereira

Stephanie Pereira '16

"My name is Stephanie Pereira. My interests include Brazilian-Portuguese and translation. I learned Portuguese and studied Brazilian-Portuguese literature and culture as a major at Smith College. My portfolio consists of my Portuguese language self-evaluation, my translation project, and my reflections about my experiences with the Portuguese language...enjoy."  Read more ...

Elena Thompson

Eleana Thompson '16

“I have always been attracted to learning languages, because I was raised in a culturally Greek-American household. During my first semester at Smith College, I began taking Arabic and was immediately captivated by the language’s appearance, sound, and complex grammar system.”   Read more ...

Women's Narrative's Project

Just as there is more than one story that you can tell, there's more than one possibility for you after Smith. The Women's Narratives Project helps you discover these stories and possibilities through the power of writing prompts, deep listening and group discussion.

Look for programs throughout the year, and apply for our annual interterm workshop, "Eat, Write, Talk: A Getaway for Juniors and Seniors," where you will work in a guided group over three days to excavate meaningful themes, metaphors, ideas and values —raw material for your new life after college. Visit our blog to read the narratives of past participants.

The Women's Narratives Project is on hiatus right now but will hopefully be returning in 2019!

Read the Narratives

We are grateful for a gift from Nan-b de Gaspe' Beaubien '57, who provided seed funding to launch this project in 2006.