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Spring Break Information and COVID Update

Letters to the Community
March 7, 2022

Dear students, staff and faculty:

Campus Status

The campus is operating in GREEN mode. For an explanation of the college’s color-coded operating modes, please visit Status & Operating Modes.

Over the past seven days, there have been five positive cases of COVID-19 reported through the on-campus campus screening program

Spring Break Guidance

Given current case rates and public health data, the college is not planning a change in  operating mode following spring break. We continue to closely monitor on-campus conditions and will react accordingly. Students, staff and faculty who travel are urged to adhere to the following guidance upon returning to campus:

  • Use good judgment and adjust your behavior based on the public health conditions of your travel destination. Masking indoors, especially on public transportation or in crowded spaces, continues to be encouraged.
  • If possible, obtain a negative COVID-19 test before returning to campus. 
  • Schedule an on-campus test as close to your return as possible. You can schedule an appointment in advance here. As a reminder, all members of the community are expected to test twice weekly.
  • Practice extra caution upon return until your first negative test. This includes not eating or drinking with others and minimizing situations where you remove your mask.
  • Monitor your health closely. Stay home if you are unwell.

Our next community meeting will be held this Wednesday, March 9, at 12:30 p.m. at If you have questions or concerns you would like addressed before this meeting, please contact us at

Next COVID-19 Weekly Email will be on Monday, March 21

Because of spring break, there will be no CIRT weekly email next week. The next email will be Monday, March 21. As the college enters the endemic phase of our COVID-19 response, CIRT plans to move the information in this weekly COVID-19 to entries in a new eDigest section. Important updates, including mode changes, will continue to be sent via email as needed. Additionally, as we shift our policies, signage on campus may change or be removed to reflect campus operations.