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Postering & Distribution

Our postering services consists of sending posters to liasons at various ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS (29) on campus. We can also send posters to student affairs for posting in STUDENT HOUSES (50). There is no charge for these postering services.

76 Elm Street 1
Ainsworth Gym 1
Alumnae House 1
Bass Hall 1
Burton/McConnell Hall 1
College Archives 1
College Hall, Registrar's Office 1
College Hall, Class Dean's Office 1
College Hall, second floor 2
Dewey Hall 1
Design Thinking Initiative 1
Events Management (includes kiosk at JMG) 2
Facilities Management 1
Ford Hall 1
Hatfield Hall 1
Helen Hills Hills Chapel 1
Hillyer (art) 1
Josten Library 1
Lilly Hall 1
Neilson Library (includes kiosk at Neilson) 2
Pierce Hall 1
Sage Hall 1
Seelye Hall 1
Theatre (Gamut) 1
Wright Hall 1
College Relations, 30 Belmont 1
Total posters needed 29
Student Affairs (head residents pick up for houses) 50
Total posters including student houses 79

Bulk Distribution

Our distribution service consists of sending materials to the various departments on campus for distribution to individual staff, faculty and students. In general it takes a few days for distribution to occur. Either provide materials to be distributed or our print department can print and copy the material for you. Distributions are done through Mail Services. Please visit http://smith.edu/mailservices/forms.php for details and pricing.

Approximate Numbers (Updated 2/7/12)

Staff 841
Faculty 513
Total faculty and staff 1,346
First Years648
Total students 2,650
All college 3990