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News & Events

The Director of Comparative Literature, Professor Sabina Knight, speaks on "On Point," a daily news show that airs nationally on 240 NPR stations, with 1.2 million listeners:

  NPR "On Point": Mo Yan Wins Nobel Prize

  Tom Ashbrook's 10-minute interview with

  Sabina Knight 

  Sabina's interview on NPR

 China's Latest Laureate: Chinese Lit      

 Scholar Answers Questions about Mo


  Jeffrey Wasserstrom interviews Sabina

  Knight for the Los Angeles Review  

  of Books 

  Sabina's LA Review of Books interview   



The New York Times magazine featured Sabina Knight's Chinese Literature: A Very Short Introduction for their "Really Short Book Review":

NYT Really Short Book Review

Professor Knight's book guides readers on a lively tour from ancient records through the globalization of Chinese literature. To browse the brief and accessible book, click on "Look Inside" here: