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By learning languages and looking at cultures on every continent, comparative literature majors explore images, ideas and aesthetic forms that travel the world. They also come to recognize deep cultural contrasts: to see that birth, love, community, happiness and death are all experienced and represented differently from region to region and era to era. In these ways, they start to see their own culture differently in the light of the new ones they encounter.


Maria Banerjee, Anna Botta, Margaret Bruzelius, Justin Cammy, Craig Davis, Dawn Fulton, Sabina Knight, Reyes Lazaro, Malcolm McNee, Katwiwa Mule, Thalia Pandiri, Janie Vanpée, Joel Westerdale


Eleven semester courses:


Students who graduate with a major in comparative literature should have studied both modern and pre-modern literatures written in more than one genre. They should also have taken courses in literatures from geographically or ethnically distinct cultures from across the globe and from beyond the European/American mainstream.