Alumnae Survey

How long has it been since you graduated?
How, in general, does your experience of majoring in comparative literature look to you now?
What was the most valuable part of the major for you? What was the least, if there was one?
Did you complete another major, minor, or concentration in addition to CLT? In what ways, if any, was your work in CLT connected to work in other disciplines, programs and departments?
We have changed the major requirements and would like to hear what you think of the new version. Briefly: Our major now requires 12 instead of 13 credits chosen as follows: two gateway courses, two additional courses with a primary listing or cross-listed in comparative literature; three courses in a non-English-language literature; three related courses in either an additional literature, which may be in translation or a literary or artistic theme, genre or interdisciplinary topic in CLT or other departments or programs (e.g. film, philosophy, art history), chosen with the adviser's approval; senior sequence.
What are you doing now? Did studying comp lit help you get there, or have you taken a different path?
What advice would you give faculty teaching in the program today?
What advice would you give to students?