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"Chemistry is a substantial science by the measures of industry, economics, and politics. As an academic discipline, it underlies the vibrant growth of molecular biology, materials science, and medical technology. Although not the youngest of sciences, its frontiers continue to expand in remarkable ways. And although it shares boundaries with every other field of science, it has an autonomy, both methodologically and conceptually."—Of Minds and Molecules: New Philosophical Perspectives on Chemistry, Nalini Bhushan and Stuart Rosenfeld, editors (Oxford University Press, 2000).

News & Announcements

Promotions announced!

We are pleased to announce that two of our colleagues have just been promoted. Elizabeth Jamieson has been promoted to Full Professor while Dave Gorin has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. Congratulations Betsy and Dave!!

The official start of the SURF program is May 15th

Students accepted to the program must notify the Science Center of their acceptance by Monday , May 1st. Further details about Smith's SURF program can be found in this Clark Science Center page

Chemistry Seminars and Lectures

Chemists and biochemists from around the country present their current research. Check out the "Seminar Schedule" for upcoming events. A summary of Molecular and Life Sciences presentations is also linked to in our "Seminar Schedule" page.

Chemistry Lunchbags

Every Wednesday at noon students and faculty get together for an informal presentation of their independent research projects. This semester's schedule may be found at the "Lunchbag Calendar". Don't miss the thesis pre-views by all the Honors students, which are happening now!

Grab&Go lunch for chemistry/biochemistry students is available!

Student Liaisons

Seniors: Jeannie Lee, Megan Neubig, Quinn Anex-Ries

Juniors: Dardalie Brooks, Peyton Higgins, Lindsey Lord