Research Project Proposal Form

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Is your project for a course or independent research
If course, list class number, name and semester taught
Expected start date
Expected end date
Class enrollment or number of research collaborators

Briefly describe your research project, inlcuding the location at MacLeish where the project will occur.

Will this project include any permanent set-up of equipment or ecological manipulations? If so, explain what they are and the potential permanent impact on the environment.

Awareness of Hunting

Historically, hunters have used the Smith property and hunting occurs on public lands adjacent to the property. All visitors to the station must be aware of Massachusetts hunting seasons (PDF) and wear appropriate visibility clothing. No hunting is permitted in Massachusetts on Sundays.

If you would like to borrow orange visibility vests, enter number of vests


I will make myself and my students aware of the hunting seasons in Massachusetts and educate myself and students on general field safety. I will be prepared with a first-aid kit for my class. I understand that cell phone reception at the field station is not reliable.

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Please print this page before sending it to CEEDS so that you have a copy for your records.