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Community Engagement & Social Change Concentration

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Requirements for the Concentration

Students must complete two different practical experiences to fulfill the requirements for the Community Engagement and Social Change Concentration. These may include internships, service-learning, community-based participatory research, and paid or volunteer community service.

Students must complete at least one practical experience that is explicitly related to their area of interest for the concentration. It is the student's responsibility to arrange for the two relevant practical experiences.

Reflection Sessions

Students will complete at least one semester's worth of weekly reflection sessions, coordinated by the CCC. These sessions facilitate student learning from practical experiences, and should be taken concurrently with or immediately following one of the practical experiences.


To count toward the CESC concentration, all service-learning, internships, community-based participatory research, and paid or volunteer community service experiences must meet the following requirements.

  1. One experience should consist of at least 100 documented hours of work with a consistent community partner. The other experience will be at least 200 hours. When possible, experiences of longer duration are strongly encouraged.
  2. At least one practical experience must be explicitly related to the student's area of interest for the concentration.
  3. The two practical experiences must differ in terms of host organization and tasks performed.
  4. Prior approval must be obtained from the concentration adviser, using the Practical Experience Approval Form(PDF).
  5. Both student learning goals and community outcomes of substantial benefit to the community partner must be demonstrated; both the Practical Experience Documentation Form and the Supervisor Evaluation Form must be submitted.

Practical experiences may:

Documenting Your Practical Experiences

Students are encouraged to maintain a journal during their practical experiences (at least one entry per week is recommended) and to keep examples of the work and materials they produce.

The following required documentation must be compiled and submitted to the Administrative Coordinator of the Center for Community Collaboration in Wright Hall (Lower Level). Materials must be submitted within a semester of completing your practical experience in order to be counted toward your concentration.

Retroactive Practical Experience Approval

If you have already completed one or more practical experiences (internships, service-learning, community-based participatory research, paid or volunteer community service) before entering the Community Engagement and Social Change concentration program, you are still eligible to receive credit for these experiences.

You will need to document your experience as follows:

  1. Complete the Practical Experience Documentation Form (PDF) retroactively with your concentration adviser
  2. Provide documentation of your experience (electronic versions or hard copies) that may include:
  • Examples of work or materials you produced
  • Relevant photographs
  1. Write a reflection paper (minimum of two pages) that addresses the following questions:
  • What were your main duties and accomplishments during your internship, service-learning, community-based participatory research, or paid or volunteer community service experience?
  • What aspects of your experience were most valuable?
  • What insights did you gain about yourself and your preferred working style?
  • How did your experience relate to your prior academic work?
  • What did the experience confirm or illuminate about your future academic and/or career goals?

These materials should be compiled and discussed with your concentration adviser for your practical experience to be counted toward a CESC concentration.

Local Internship Opportunities

Examples of local internship opportunities can be found here.

Additional Internship Opportunities

To access more internship opportunities, visit the Lazarus Center for Career Development.