About Thiago de Mello

Thiago de Mello, born in 1926 in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, is the most representative and celebrated poet of Amazonia. Presently, he is Minister of Culture of the State of Amazonas and has served, on many occasions, in important diplomatic posts in several countries, including Chile and Bolivia.

His literary career began in 1951 with the publication of his book Silencio e Palavra (Silence and Word). Since then, his whirlwind and wondrous creativity has continued unabated. The collection Vento Geral gathers a dozen books published before 1981.

His poetic voice has been translated into many languages including English, Spanish, French, and German. In 1970, in the United States, Geo Pflaum Publisher published a selection of his poems entitled What Counts is Life. His work was translated into Spanish by Thiago de Mello's close friend, Pablo Neruda, and by Mario Benedetti.

Thiago de Mello--in his essays, poems, and in his social and political activism--has always been a passionate defender of his native region, and has exalted it as a key ecological reserve for all humanity.

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