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The "Robed Warriors" program brings to the Five Colleges four prominent Buddhist monastic women whose work has transformed contemporary Buddhist practice and the world beyond. This year-long series of visiting scholars comprises five public talks, several class visits, a student seminar, a faculty seminar and a Smith College short-term Kahn Institute program. Each visiting scholar will be in residence for one to two weeks, with Smith College as the home base.

The complete schedule of events is here.

These visiting scholars will explore topics ranging from the impact of Buddhist monastics on health care and hospice services, the design of charitable NGOs, cognitive science, values education and feminism to the envisioning of religious life.

Students and scholars in the cognitive and medical sciences, in anthropology, sociology, religious studies, gender studies, South and East Asian Studies and philosophy will find these events of interest. More broadly, the public lectures will appeal to anyone interested in large questions about the role of religion in world culture and the ways in which attitudes and practices that impact our lives can grow out of unlikely sources.