Buddhism in Mongnolia


Mongolian art exhibit March 18–April 4, 2009

The Mongolian artist Soyolma was born in 1977 as the third daughter of one of the country's most famous artist couples. Her father, who passed away in 2001, was regarded as one of the greatest painters in the country; and her mother, now 62 years old, has worked all her life as a professional artist.

SoyolmaIn 2008 Soyolma was named Female Artist of the Year by the Union of Mongolian Artists. The award is especially coveted, because the recipient is chosen by the greatest artists in the country.

Soyolma is known for her eclectic approach to art, moving between a number of styles, depending on her inspiration of the moment. These include the traditional Mongolian Buddhist arts (such as tangka painting, embroidery and appliqué tangka art, temple dance masks and costumes, etc.) free–style works inspired by Buddhist historical and transformative themes; surrealism (what she calls Life Experience Creations); and contemporary urban expressionism.

In conjunction with the symposium on Buddhism in Mongolia: Rebirth and Transformation, Soyolma's art will be on exhibit at the Smith College Campus Center Arts Lounge, March 18–April 4. An artist's reception will be at the Arts Lounge on Friday, March 27, 5–7 p.m.