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Five College Electives

Not all of these courses are offered each year. Consult the Five College Course Guide for current offerings and times.

Amherst College

ENGL 01-04 Visuality and Literature
ENGL 272 Primer to Children's Lit (Sanchez-Eppler)
ENGL 397 Editors and Authors (Acker)
ENGL 05-01 Reading Historically
FAMS 485-01 Word/Life/Image

Hampshire College

CS 111 The Emergence of Literacy
HACU 120 The Anatomy of Pictures
HACU 233 Media Overload (Block)
HACU 334 The Collector: Theory and Practice
HACU 330 Books, Book Arts, Artists' Books, Bibliophilia
HACU 204 Artists' Books
SS 244 Reading/Writing/Citizenship
SS/HACU 220-01 Dangerous Books: Introduction to Textuality and Culture
HACU 140-01 Comics Underground: Unconventional Comics in the U.S.

Mount Holyoke College

ARTH 271 Arts of Islam: Book, Mosque, and Palace
ARTH 301 Illuminated Manuscripts
ARTST 226 Digital Artists Books
ARTST 256 Printmaking
ARTST 264 Word and Image
ARTST 267 Papermaking with Local Plants (Hachiyanagi, fall semester)
ARTST 269 Japanese Papermaking (Hachiyanagi, spring semester)
ARTST 280 Multiples and Improvisations (Ginsberg, spring semester)
ENGL 283 Graphic Narrative (Young)
ENGL 317 Studies in Renaissance Literature: Renaissance Theater and the Early Modern Book

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

COMP LIT 234 Myth, Folktale and Children's Literature
COMP LIT 391cb Comparative Book Cultures: Medieval
COMP LIT 393b Comic Art in North America (Couch)
COMP LIT 393c International Graphic Novel (Couch)
ENG 300 The History of the Book (Black)
ENG 491 The Origins of Reading
JUDAIC 392N Jewish Graphic Novel
HST Renaissance Humanism