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Smith College Electives

Not all of these courses are offered each year. Consult the Smith College Course Catalog for current offerings and times.

American Studies

AMS 171 The Material Culture of New England, 1630-1860
AMS 353 Native Literacies to 1880 (spring 2013)

Art History

ARH 268 The Artists Book in the 20th Century
ARH 101 Advertising and Visual Culture
ARH Making Knowledge (Leibsohn, spring 2016)
ARH 280 Art Historical Studies: Approaches to Manga & Aime (Y. Guo, fall 2017)
ARH 291 The Presence of the Past: Libraries as Bulding Type (B. Kellum, spring 2018)
ARH 352 Art and Natural History: Beasts and Bestiaries (B. Buettner, fall 2017)

Studio Art

ARS 275 The Book: Theory and Practice I (Moser, fall)
ARS 375 The Book: Theory and Practice II (Moser, spring)

Comparative Literature

CLT 100 The Pleasures of Reading
CLT 220 Imagining Language (Bruzelius)

East Asian Language & Literature

EAL 237 Chinese Poetry and the Other Arts

Education & Child Study

ECS 210 Literacy in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ECS 338 Children Learning to Read

English Language & Literature

ENG 228 Children's Literature
ENG 238 What Jane Austen Read (fall)
ENG 283

Victorian Medievalism

ENG 312 Seminar: Converts, Criminals and Fugitives: Print Culture of the African American Diaspora (A. Stone, spring 2018)

German Studies

GER 249 Exhibiting the Visual Arts of Germany (spring 2015)

Jewish Studies

JUD 110j Introduction to Yiddish (J-term)

Presidential Seminars

PRS 306 Beowulf and Archaeology