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Smith College Resources

Smith Science Library
Online journals, search engines and resources

Smith Science Center Safety Handbook & Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Center for Molecular Biology (CMB)
Smith College facility for nucleic acids research including DNA sequencing and footprinting, quantitative RT-PCR and bioinformatics.

Center for Proteomics (CFP)
Smith College facility for protein purification and sequence determination, and for other applications of state-of-the-art mass spectroscopy and tandem mass spectroscopy.

Center for Microscopy and Imaging (CMI)
Smith College facility for confocal, brightfield, and transmission and scanning electron microscopy.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Resources

American Chemical Society Resources

Search for, or compare sequences of, proteins or DNA for similarity

Database of enzymes, searchable by name, number, function, cofactors, etc.

Enzymatic Pathways
Find enzymatic pathways by enzymes or metabolites

ExPASy Tools
A great collection of tools for protein modelling and sequence/structure analysis

ExPASy Swiss-PdbViewer
Source to download free protein structure display and manipulation software

ExPASy Swiss-Prot and TreMBL
One of the best databases of protein sequence/structural analysis

Entrez Protein Query
Search protein sequence and structure databases

National Center for Biochemical Information
A collection of useful links

Programs to align and compare multiple protein sequences (excellent), predict secondary structure (no worse than any other), and other useful functions

Protein DataBase
The collection of protein structures

Protein Explorer
A powerful, yet easy to use molecular visualization program.

Search engine for Medline literature database