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Health Professions

Preparing for a career in the health professions allows you to pursue a liberal arts education—majoring in any area of study—while also taking a subset of important courses.

Health profession schools (e.g., schools of human and veterinary medicine, dentistry, optometry, nursing and public health) are interested in the overall quality and scope of your undergraduate work. All health profession schools require certain undergraduate courses, which can be taken within a liberal arts program.

The biochemistry major includes several of the requirements for entrance into the health professions including basic chemistry and biology courses. The biochemistry course is also a requirement for certain health professions (veterinary medicine) and is strongly recommended by the majority of medical schools. The microbiology course is required by nursing and veterinary medicine programs.

For More information visit the Prehealth website

Planning Ahead

Schools of human, veterinary medicine and dentistry all require two semesters each of:

  • biology (and labs)
  • general chemistry (and labs)
  • organic chemistry (and labs)
  • physics (and labs)
  • English

Some of these schools also require or recommend additional courses in:

  • biology
  • mathematics (statistics and calculus)
  • biochemistry
  • a foreign language
  • social sciences
  • public speaking

*Nursing schools and schools of public health do not require all of the laboratory courses listed above. Instead, they require statistics, some laboratory courses and specific social science courses.


Preparing for a career in a health profession varies from individual to individual, so we urge you to make use of the many resources available, including your premajor or major adviser, members of the Board of Prehealth Advisers and the staff at the Lazarus Center for Career Development..

Lunchbag Seminars

The board hosts regular lunchbag seminars focused on a variety of prehealth and health professions topics.